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AIO™ BRUT™ (AIΩ™ ζώο™): For improved strength, speed and endurance.


AIOMEGA AIO BRUT™ (AIΩ™ ζώο™) is an AVMLRD™ oral appliance for athletes involved in contact sports. AIΩ™ BRUT™ is featherweight (about 12 grams) and its unique construction is designed to improve strength, reduce recovery time, increase endurance and speed. It is digitally custom-crafted, precision computed, and manufactured from FDA ISO 10993 rated bio-compatible material safe for intra-oral use.

AIΩ BRUT contains two dental coverings that look like retainers and together fit your upper (mandibular) and lower (maxillary) teeth. Its unique intrusion-free non-restrictive patented flange technology makes breathing during training and competition effortless. 

Want even better results from your BRUT and customizable predictable control over your training, competition sports, and faster recovery time? Try our new performance-oriented APP. Mate the BRUT with AIOMEGA App.

AIOMEGA App is an all-in-one Fitness, Sleep, hydration, and Nutrition tracker. Data-enriched customizable Widgets provide personalized shaping and bring all your key biometrics to life. Pair the app with our custom oral appliances for Stronger Growth & Faster Recovery. Check AIOMEGA App out at the Apple App store and Google Play Store.


Picking the AIO™ BRUT™ version that is right for you: Three versions of BRUT include PREMIER, DELUXE and ULTIMATE.

  1. PREMIER: Amateur non-competitive athlete.
  2. DELUXE: Amateur competitive athletics. Input from AIO APP predictive algorithms and AIOMEGA™ AIO™ BRUT™ team enhances the athlete’s performance and progress. Please call us for details.
  3. ULTIMATE: Professional competitive athletics. This is the highest level of involvement from AIOMEGA™ AIO™ BRUT™ team and close monitoring of target KPI’s related to individual athlete’s target goals.

For serious competitive or professional athlete, let's talk first so you can help us understand your goals better and help tailor the product to specific targets, both, short and long term. 


    Steps to acquire an AIO™ BRUT™:

    1. Build a dental impression: Purchase our dental impression kit and create your own impressions at home and mail them back to us. Alternatively, you may visit your dentist or our partner sleep center (Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, PA) and request intra oral scans or impressions to be done.
    2. Have your dentist mail physical impressions to us at AIOMEGA LLC, 3187 Paluxy Drive, Tyler, Texas 75701 or email the digital scans. It is even easier if you have a Dentist that participates in the AIΩMEGA™ AIΩ™ Please ask us for a list of participating dentists in your area.
    3. If your dental health is duly concerning, please seek advice of your dentist first or call us at (903) 787-7533 for questions.
    4. Build the AIO™ BRUT™: We will review your home-made impressions for accuracy. We will build your custom AIO BRUT Premier, Deluxe or Ultimate after we clear the quality of your digital impressions or physical impressions and ship your AIO™ BRUT™ back to you in a short time. If the impressions do not fulfill QC, we will let you know. This can happen to the physical impressions taken at home and rarely to the digital impressions. We want to make sure you get the best quality of device that can be made. This can be corrected by taking new impressions.
    5. You can start using the AIO™ BRUT™ as soon as you receive it. Start tracking the effectiveness of the device using the same wearable biometric device you have been using to see the difference. We would like to partner with you to provide inputs and recommended corrections to your program.
    6. If your biometric device is showing disrupted sleep, it could adversely affect your recovery and athletic performance. You may need AIO™ REVIVE™ (in addition to BRUT) or AIO™ UNIVERSE™ (Single 2-in-1 device) for reviving sleep for faster recovery and potential improvement in athletic performance.
    7. You may request the Ghuge Fatigue Scale (GFS) and Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and fill them out before you start the program and then periodically (weekly or monthly) fill them out to track changes. Your wearable tracker along with the GFS/ESS could help you measure improvements in sleep.


    Wearing instructions: The AIO™ BRUT™ is very easy to use and carry. It comes in a small case and must be kept in the case away from pets. Ideally leave it in your gym bag or locker. Pets love the case and love the device even more.

    1. Put the mandibular (lower) and maxillary (upper) trays together and place them in your mouth so as to fit your mandibular and maxillary teeth respectively. The vertical flange of lower tray should sit in front of the protrusive flange of upper tray when correctly assembled. When appropriately deployed the device fits all the teeth it covers snugly. You should be able to talk and drink from a fountain or through a straw or from a glass.
    2. You do not have to keep your mouth closed for the device to be effective. The device will determine if you need a certain degree of mouth opening or not depending on the intensity of physical activity you perform.
    3. Usually there will be some salivation in the first few weeks, but this should resolve over time.
    4. You may already be using AIO™ REVIVE™ for refreshing sleep, in addition to your AIO™ BRUT™ for performance. AIO™ UNIVERSE™ (2-in-1) may be the right choice.
    5. Follow the same instructions when you deploy it during athletics (except brushing and flossing).
    6. Be sure to brush and floss before going to bed.
    7. If you experience a dry mouth during sleep or athletic activity, simply drink some water. The AIO™ BRUT/UNIVERSE/REVIVE allows for easy ingestion of water. Just don’t try to eat while the device is deployed in your mouth.
    8. Upon awakening or after athletic activities, use both hands to gently pry the device off the teeth. Some discomfort may be noticed after a full night use although this is negligible and should resolve within the hour. Typically, there is very little to none discomfort since the device does not pull/push the jaw or teeth.



    Cleaning Instructions:

    1. Wash the two trays with tap water.
    2. Use hand washing soap and a toothbrush to scrub the trays gently.
    3. Dry the trays with hand towel.
    4. Place them back in the hard case.
    5. Place the hard case back in the drawer of the nightstand or in the gym bag or locker.


    What is in AIO™ BRUT™ the box:

    1. Two trays of AIO™ BRUT™ one upper and one lower. 
    2. Hard perforated case with color options.


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