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Additional Warranty for AIO™ BREATHE™ or BREATHE™MB, Oral Device by AIOMEGA™


AIOMEGA AIO extended limited liability warranty for BREATHE or BREATHE MB devices.

We highly recommend purchasing this additional warranty for added peace of mind.

Only choose one of the available warranties.

This warranty can be purchased within 90 days of original purchase of the device.

This warranty starts after the existing one-year warranty for your device ends.

This warranty covers replacement of broken component (upper maxillary tray or lower mandibular tray) of the AIO device system.

It does not cover new or changed or modified prescription by the physician or dentist.

If a new prescription or order is placed, it will be processed as a new purchase.

This warranty is fulfilled by AIOMEGA production facility and can be redeemed by bringing the device to the location of original purchase or any AIOMEGA authorized retailer, physician or dentist.

Immediately inform your retailer, physician or dentist in writing if your device component breaks.

Bring the device for inspection into the nearest AIOMEGA retailer, physician or dentist. They will place the order for replacement component with AIOMEGA. AIOMEGA will manufacture and ship the component to the location from where the order was received.

Your retailer, physician or dentist should notify you when it arrives at their location and is ready for pick-up.

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