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Single upper piece replacement for AIO™ REVIVE™ (AIΩ™ συν™) Oral Device by AIOMEGA™: REVIVE refreshing sleep: Better Sleep, Greater Tomorrow

AIOMEGA AIO REVIVE™ (AIΩ™ συν™) is an AVMLRD™ for rejuvenating sleep. REVIVE refreshing sleep with a custom-built teeth-covering, digitally imaged, custom-crafted, precision computed device, manufactured from FDA ISO 10993 rated bio-compatible material safe for intra-oral use.

Hard to talk without removing your current sleep device? REVIVE™ lets you have a conversation.

Hard to get a drink of water without taking your sleep device off? REVIVE™ lets you drink from a glass, straw or a fountain without taking the device out. REVIVE™ is designed for convenience and comfort. 

REVIVE reduces sleep disruption. Sleep better, wake up feeling better. REVIVE your breathing. Patented and patent pending designs and predictive algorithms embedded in AIOMEGA™ BSGT™ (Better Sleep, Greater Tomorrow) program precisely targets desired outcomes. Improvements can be tracked on wearable biometric devices for measurable progress.

Is your Oura Ring/Fitbit/Apple Watch picking up unusually disrupted unrefreshing sleep and heart rate variability? Do you wake up feeling tired or unrefreshed? AIΩ REVIVE is your refreshing solution.

AIΩ™ REVIVE consists of two (upper teeth and lower teeth) easy to wear dental coverings that look and fit like retainers. It has unique intrusion-free non-restrictive flange technology that makes breathing effortless. 


AIΩ™ REVIVE™ PREMIER™ OR AIΩ™ REVIVE™ DELUXE™Pick the right version based on sleep disruption: There are two versions, Premier and Deluxe. 

  1. AIΩ™ REVIVE™ PREMIER™: If your biometric tracker shows less than 20 disruptions per hour of recording. REVIVE PREMIER is designed to gently and comfortably reduce disruptions.
  2. AIΩ™ REVIVE™ DELUXE™: If your biometric tracker records greater than 20 disruptions per hour of recording. REVIVE PREMIER is specifically customized to improve greater disruptions, so you feel more refreshed every day.


Easy steps to acquire an AIΩ™ REVIVE™. Take your first steps towards Better Sleep Greater Tomorrow (BSGT™).

  1. Build a dental impression: You can purchase our dental impression kit. Create your own impressions at home and mail them back to us. Alternatively, you may visit your dentist or our partner sleep center, Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, and request intra oral scans or impressions to be done.
  2. Mail or email impressions to us: Your dentist can mail physical impressions or email the digital scans to us at AIOMEGA LLC, 3187 Paluxy Drive, Tyler, Texas 75701. Its even easier if  your scans are made at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas or a dentist participating in the AIOMEGA AIO program. They can securely email us the scans. Please ask us for a list of participating dentists in your area.
  3. If your dental health is duly concerning, please seek advice of your dentist first. and have your dentist call us at (903) 787-7533 for questions about AIΩ REVIVE PREMIER™ or DELUXE™ and how we can help improve the way you feel every morning.
  4.  If you wish, you may seek advice from a Sleep Physician. A board-certified Sleep Physician and extensively trained Nurse Practitioner are available at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas in Tyler, Texas. Please ask us how we can help you consult with them at their office or through their Telemedicine platform. You may email us or call them at 1(903) 787-7533, Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 5:00 PM central standard time.
  5. Build the AIΩ REVIVE: We will review your home-made impressions for accuracy. We will build your custom AIΩ REVIVE Premier or Deluxe after we clear the quality of your digital impressions or physical impressions and ship your AIΩ Revive back to you in a short time. If your impressions need any improvements, we will let you know. This can be the case with physical impressions and rarely can happen even with digital impressions. We want to make sure you get the very best quality of device that can be made. We can achieve this by taking new and improved impressions if need be.
  6. You can start using the AIΩ REVIVE as soon as you receive it. Start tracking the effectiveness of the device using the same wearable biometric device you have been using before to see the difference.
  7. You may request a worksheet of The Ghuge Fatigue Scale (GFS) and Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) and fill them out before you start the program and then periodically (weekly or monthly) fill them out to track changes. Your wearable tracker along with the GFS/ESS will help you measure improvements in sleep.


Wearing instructions for AIΩ™ REVIVE The device is very easy to use and carry. It comes in a small case (see pictures) that can accommodate up to 2 devices. The device must be kept in the case away from pets. Ideally slide the case into your nightstand drawer. Pets love the case and love the device even more. They can make a very crunchy snack. The case has perforations to remove moisture.

  1. Be sure to brush and floss before going to bed. This is always a good habit whether you use the AIΩ REVIVE or not.
  2. Put the mandibular (lower) and maxillary (upper) trays together where you can see the flanges properly aligned and then place them in your mouth so as to fit your mandibular and maxillary teeth respectively. The vertical flange of the lower tray sits in front of the protrusive flange of the upper tray as shown in the instruction sheet. When appropriately deployed the device fits all (unless specified by the dentist) the teeth snugly.
  3. You do not have to keep your mouth closed for the device to be effective. The device will determine if you need a certain degree of mouth opening or not depending on the depth of sleep and body position that you assume.
  4. Salivation: Usually there will be some salivation in the first few weeks, but this should resolve over time.
  5. Dry mouth: If you experience a dry mouth, simply drink some water. The AIΩ REVIVE allows for easy ingestion of water or pills or liquid medications without removing the device out of your mouth. Just don’t try to eat while the device is deployed in your mouth.
  6. Upon awakening, use both hands to gently pry the device off the teeth. Remove the lower tray first and then the upper tray in that order. 
  7. Please follow the cleaning instructions given below to clean the device and dry it with a hand washing cloth before returning it to the case.
  8. Place the case away from sight in the drawer of your nightstand. 


Cleaning Instructions for AIΩ™ REVIVE™ and all AIΩ™ series devices:

  1. Wash the two trays with tap water after removal from the oral cavity.
  2. Gently use a soft toothbrush and hand washing soap to scrub outside and inside areas of both the trays.
  3. Dry the trays with hand towel.
  4. Place them back in the hard case.
  5. Place the hard case back in the drawer of the nightstand.


Things to note while using the AIΩ™ REVIVE™:

  1. Some discomfort may be noticed immediately after having used AIΩ™ REVIVE™, during jaw movements although this is negligible and should resolve before your day gets underway. Typically, there is very little residual discomfort since the device does not pull/push the jaw or teeth. However, it may be best to let your dentist make decisions if these symptoms are concerning to you.
  2. The device has a slight bluish hue when new. This may gradually disappear but that is not concerning.
  3. Natural wear depends on how much clenching or bruxism occurs. Some devices may wear out sooner than others. Typically, AIΩ™ REVIVE™ should last longer than one year. Either of the two trays can be replaced if they wear out prior to AIΩ™ REVIVE™ two-year warranty period.
  4. If your dentist wants you to have a thicker device due to concerns like clenching, they can provide instructions for the same at the time of initial production.

AVMLRD (Antero-Vertical Mandibular Lingual Repositioning) uses patented and patent pending designs and algorithms to build devices that increase human airway size. The technology creates breakthroughs combining biometrics, custom-built devices such as AIΩ REVIVE™, AIΩ™ GRIT™, AIΩ™ BRUT™, AIΩ™ SWIFT™, AIΩ™ UNIVERSE™, web applications AIΩ™ APP™, and network resources AIΩ™ LIFE™, for shareable experiences and trackable improvements such as REVIVE sleep, body composition sciences and athletic performance.


What is in the AIΩ™ REVIVE™ box: Pertains to full two-piece device (not applicable to single lower piece replacement:

  1. AIΩ™ REVIVE™: Two trays, one upper and one lower. 
  2. Hard perforated case with color options.
  3. Operating instructions.
  4. Cleaning instructions.
  5. Ghuge Fatigue Scale and Epworth Sleepiness Scale.
  6. Cleaning cloth (optional)
  7. Special cleaning toothbrush (optional)

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